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[sticky post] Master list of Fanfics

The Storyteller’s Creed I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, That myth is more potent than history, That dreams are more powerful than facts, That hope always triumphs over experience, That laughter is the only cure for grief, And I believe that love is stronger than death. —Robert Fulghum

Master List of Fanfiction:

Spawns of my BoredomCollapse )

[infinite, lovelyz] It's a Love Story 1/?

It's a Love Story [1/?]

Pairing: Sunggyu/Woohyun, Baby Soul/Mijoo
Rating: PG
Summary: Woohyun’s stopped believing in happy endings when his relationship with Sunggyu ended. As he writes the story of Mijoo and Soojung, Sunggyu comes back with the promise to prove that forever still exists. | Based on the novel Para Sa Hopeless Romantic by Marcelo Santos III and its movie counterpart.

What died up your ass to make you give up on happy endings?Collapse )

[f(x)/SHINee] A Moment to be Real

A Moment to be Real
Pairing: Luna/Minho
Rating: PG
Word Count: 17,000~w
Summary: Luna is bored of the ordinary, mundane, sheltered life she lives, and Minho offers her the perfect escape. Persephone/Greek mythology AU
Note: Written for kpop_ficmix. Original can be found here.
- This is a remix of the fic A Myth of Innocence by ladadadi
- Inspired by this. Title and LJ-cut text taken from here.

No one can tell me who to be, cause I’m not what they seeCollapse )

[EXO/f(x)] Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream
Pairing: Lay/Krystal
Rating: PG
Word Count: 17,031w
Summary: Yixing and Soojung have an Olympic dream, but a life-changing injury forces them to make a choice
Warning:[Spoiler (click to open)]post-concussion syndrome
Note: Written for thegameseason. Original can be found here.
- I’ve only been a fan of figure skating for more than a year. I confess that among the four disciplines under it, ice dance is the one I’m least familiar with. Writing this has been both fun and educational. For more information, I made some notes here.
- Many thanks to yurishika, kametoahiru, darkyulate for helping make this possible, meaning making my Google Doc consist of 50% fic, 25% screaming/commentary, and 25% helpful advice

That’s why he has come to love ice dance—his partner has his back, and he also has hers.Collapse )


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